2012 RDX Tune (Knock control logic)

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2012 RDX Tune (Knock control logic)

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Good Morning,

I have a 2012 Acrua RDX, I am the second owner.
Mods list:
CP-E intake.
DW 600s.
RV-6 ... Downpipe.
Resonator Delete.

I had the car dyno tuned about 2 years ago on a dyno jet.
One of the issues the tuner kept bringing up was the amount of timing being pulled down low. He said he had never experienced this before and was unable to figure out what was going on. Eventually, he gave up.

I spoke with Derek at IMW as he was kind enough to speak with me, and he said I should have the tuner try again, that the knock control was double what it should be and it was not acceptable. Fast forward a few years and I still have not been able to get the original tuner to straighten things out.

I am probably going to have Derek E-tune the car. But, before I do I wanted to get everyone's opinion in the community. I have attached a few datalogs for those who are interested.

P.S: I am comfortable in making changes in the software if anyone has any ideas.

Thank you for your time.
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