2002 Em2 K20a3 swap

K-Series Programmable ECU Calibration updates / downloads
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2002 Em2 K20a3 swap

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Hello everyone!
I have seen a lot of good info on here and people coming together to help others clean up some of their tunes. Some background info and a few things about myself and my build, Like many I was a huge fan of the Em1 platform when it showed up on scene in `99. Then later in `01 when Honda was rolling out the 7th gen and they only offered the Si in the EP3 hatch with a shifter on the dash I not the least bit amused that the Em2 did not follow in the foot steps of the Em1. I always loved the body of the Em2 but only packing a d17 single slammer never really sat right with me. At the time the 7th gen was being made I was a junior in high school, I had the knowledge to do the K swap and convert all the other components to have a 7th gen Si coupe but was lacking the funds as a kid. So 3 years ago I found a bone stock Em2 for $1,500 in awesome shape that the car lot had taken it in on a trade in from the original owner a middle aged lady to boot! So I snagged it up, first 18 months we had went through 3 or 4 D17s on different setups F/I, FBO&N20 and all motor. Trying to making power killed the reliability of the car, I finally said enough is enough and decided that it needed the K20 and I would finally build the Em2 we all deserved. I know that the k20a3 is one of the worst K platforms but I was trying to stick to era correct parts that came in the Si chassis. I eventually plan on building up an a2 and swapping but until then I plan on seeing what I can get out of this a3. I installed the rear disc set up off a Ep3 along with sway bars, gauge cluster conversion, seats and steering wheel. she's got a lot of other great parts to tie everything all together but as for tuning wise I made a list below of some things that may need addressed with the tune. I am currently running the (k20a3-civic-tuned-hi-octane.kal) calibration that is provided under the PNF calibrations selection.

I did use a base RSX K20a3 so I would have the better oil pump.
I swapped the plastic Intake manifold for the Prb Manifold & TB.
Ktuned: Idle air assist delete & EVAP/purge port plug
Hybrid racing: Fuel rail, FPG, Injectors are still stock.
Skunk2: Alpha header
Apexi: N1 2&3/4''exhaust, NO cat.
custom 2.5" CAI
fuel octane:93

If anyone could help me clean up a calibration and make it more fitting for the bolt on's, I would be forever greatful! I can provide any data logs that will help, just let me know what info you will need. Thank you in advance and have a blessed day!
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