H22a4 stock basemap

Calibrations for S-Manager - Use all calibrations at your own risk (dyno tuning recommended)
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H22a4 stock basemap

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Setup the calibration to match your ecu! Use at your own risk!

Before going to the dyno I wanted to shakedown the car. However It's really difficult to find a basemap for a stock engine on here. The calibrations available from hondata suck, so here is mine. (Street tuned with an AEM wideband) I will NOT include the dyno tuned map, but the car made 197.5whp@6400 171.4lbft@5000 fyi.

STOCK intake manifold with secondary intake valves retained
STOCK Throttle body
STOCK exhaust manifold
STOCK 290cc Injectors
AEM cold air intake
Skunk2 Megapower with silencer
9lb racing flywheel
unsprung organic disc
Euro-R trans

Car made the same torque down low as a H23 built head, but lost huge above 5000rpm. Takeaway was the intake and manifold were too restrictive and I ran out of injector. If you want to use this basemap with a Euro R or skunk2 manifold, #1 adjust for injectors, #2 add 10-15% fuel below 4500 rpm and 5-10% above 6500rpm.
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