Vtec window pressure

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Vtec window pressure

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I am confused on this setting in the calibration. The measurement is in bar for the FiT. Is there a way to change the unit of measurement to kpa or map as it is displayed in the Flashpro help section? I am having a issue where it feels like vtec is not activating sometimes upon acceleration and sometimes it is activating. The engine feels sluggish. Is there a recommendation on this setting for to make vtec a little bit more sensitive on the activation point? i am used to tuning the flashpro on cars that have vtc.
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Re: Vtec window pressure

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You cannot change the units for this. If you are used to other units, you will have to use a converter to translate them to what you are used to (https://www.onlineconversion.com/pressure.htm).

You need to look at the datalogs to see if VTEC is activating or not. If it is not, it is most likely either low oil pressure or some other mechanical problem.
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