Reflash back to stock p0507

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Reflash back to stock p0507

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Hi guys, 2018 fk8,so I reflashed my car back to stock and put my stock intake back on and after the first day the idle went out a wack and would climb to about 1800 and drop back down then the code p0507 came on for idle too high. Any one experience this issue ? I thought I had a vacuum leak so I removed the intake and then reainstalled it but nothing changed. I then proceeded to flash my tune back on the car and It ran fine.
After I got home from doing chores my fiancé noticed that my Hondata app on my computer needed to be updated and hasn’t then since about a year. We updated it and then I went to try and flash the car back to stock and now it seems to be running fine so far. Anyone experience this ? Should I be concerned ? Thanks for any info !
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Re: Reflash back to stock p0507

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As there is currently no problem, I would not worry.
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