k20z head/k24 tsx block

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k20z head/k24 tsx block

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Hi I'm from Guatemala and I need to know why my k20z head /k24 tsx motor with any cal that i set it so lean even w/stock inj or 650 cc RC inj. duty goes to 45 % max. ok first I need to know what is the right duty % that the inj. have to work. which is the correct lambda to this normaly aspirated eng.?
is there a problem that i have to set all the cals with out running the car on dyno because iwe dont have it here?
I can set the inj duty w/the K-pro?
which is the min fuel press to have a 650 cc inj.?
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Duty cycle just tells you how much of the fuel injector capacity you are using. As long as it does not get much about 90% there is no problem, but you do not tune from the duty cycle %.

If the engine is NA then aim for a 12.5 - 13.2 AF ratio. 650cc injectors are a little big but will work with some tuning. Use 50 psi fuel pressure, but anywhere from 40-60 psi will work in your case.