Low battery voltage reason for slow starting engine?

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Low battery voltage reason for slow starting engine?

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Hi guys,

I love the Hondata (now that I finally figured out to datalog :) )

I've uploaded both my .cal and my log file of me trying to start the engine cold. As you can see from the log I only have 11.7V when I turn the ignition on (seems pretty low) and it goes down to 9.9V when I press the start button.

Can that be the reason why my engine is starting so badly? It takes about 5 seconds to get it up to run.

Hope somebody can pinpoint me to the problem area and solution.

What can be the reason for this low voltage?


s2000-ap1 AW.kal
My S2000 AP1 calibration (currently based on stock AP1 calibration)
(46.75 KiB) Downloaded 71 times
Cold start.kdl
Log file of cold start with slow engine start
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European Honda AP1
Vortech sc w 14 PSI boost w aftercooler
Hondata KManager Ver.
RC 750cc
AEM 3.5bar MAP
ERL/Aquamist water injection system 2D
Head & manifold ported by Alaniz
3'' custom built exhaust w Berk kat
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It may be time for a new battery. Batteries only last for a few years, and are adversly effected by cold and heat.