If I've already purchased v3 can I download v4?

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If I've already purchased v3 can I download v4?

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I purchased v3 years ago and have been using it to tune my Civic with a Romulator on an S200 system. Since v3 is no longer supported I was interested in v4. Can I simply upgrade or do I have to purchase it? Also will the bin file change at all when I re-open it with the v4? I read somewhere my 2-step and full throttle shift may require resetting, do I need the clutch switch and set-button still?

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You must upgrade and there is an upgrade price for owners of Romeditor3. The bin can be inported into RE4 and upgraded. Yes you will need to make some changes to how you have the 3-step setup. You will have ot use the imputs selectable in the software.