Recently got car tuned with s200, have questions.

Hondata installation questions / answers / issues.
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Recently got car tuned with s200, have questions.

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Ok, first, let me explain my cars setup:

b16a engine
jasma 4-2-1 header
aem short ram intake
skunk2 stage 2 camshafts
skunk2 valve springs
skunk2 titanium retainers
skunk2 catback exhaust
buddy club cam gears
stock injectors
stock internals/bottom
p28 chipped with hondata of course
hondata s200

i bought the car off a friend of mine who lived in prescott az, i reside in tucson az and the elevation difference is very different. hes up north with about a 5000ft elevation, and im around a 2600ft elevation.

when he had the car, it ran well, it just needed some light tuning. when i got the car, it ran like pure ass and needed tuning asap.

so to get an idea of where i stood, i did a base dyno almost a month before getting hondata installed and tuned, heres the base dyno:

notice the a/f ratio... ewww.

after having hondata installed and having it dyno tuned, these were the results:


gained about 20whp and 5 torque. my a/f ratio was a constantly between 13-14. and its running the way it should be. shouldnt my torque be around 110-115? 103 seems somewhat low. we ran many runs, and made many adjustments, but 107 torque was the highest we got, with 103 being the most consistant.

first off, i just want to say thanks to hondata for making such a great product, this is the best modification i can recommend to anyone with aftermarket products on their car... hondata is awesome.

now, my questions:

1) Warm up time? How does this apply to Hondata. Normally I will not get on the car until it is running at " normal " operating temperature. I noticed the next day after the car was tuned, that it will sometimes bog around 4k rpm's but vtec doesnt engage until 5600rpm's. I have to get on it, let it do its bog once, and then after that it goes through rpm's like nothing. It's smooth as butter after getting on it once.

2) Injectors. I have stock injectors, and my duty cycle doesnt go above 80-85%. Prior to having the car tuned, the duty cycle was well over 100% at times, causing the car to run very lean as show in the first dyno picture.
Could my injectors be on their way to dying due to the car not being tuned?

3) Fuel Pump. Should i invest in a new fuel pump?

Just curious as to why my car bogs. It will only bog if I dont get on it. After getting on it once and letting it bog, it will run transition perfectly fine afterwards. Any idea's as to what is causing this?

When my tuner and I drove the car on the street after dyno tuning it, it didnt bog at all, cause we had just did tons of dyno runs. He made some adjustments while we were driving, but on my drive home it felt VERY smooth.

The next morning is when I noticed the boggyness.
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You may need a higher pressure pump such as teh walbro 255, or you may need larger injectors. THese are thing you should discuss with your tuner. There is also a chance that your fuel pump is not performing as it should, or that your injectors or fuel filter are slightly clogged.
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thanks for the tips, ill investigate what i can.