Praises, Issues, Requests

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Praises, Issues, Requests

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Being able to monitor my engine sensors via KProV4's bluetooth on my phone has been damn useful. Especially in my newly K-Swapped vehicle that doesn't have a working coolant temp gauge at the moment. And little things like being able to troubleshoot sensors via my phone when my head is under the hood. By in large, it works quite well. There are a few issues I've had with it on occasion that I would like to mention. I also have a few requests for enhancements that may or may not already be on Hondata's list. I write software myself, so I understand how these types of things evolve. I should mention my phone is running Android 4.4.2.

There are many occasions where I am unable to establish a bluetooth connection. There seems to be 2 different issues causing this.

First is in the app itself. Most of the time, if I terminate the app, I can relaunch it and it will connect. Two things I do to reduce this is by disconnecting the app when the ignition is off and making sure it's not connected when starting the vehicle. Not a big deal, just an extra step I must remember to do. However, there are times when I disconnect it in this way and it won't reconnect until I terminate/relaunch the app. Not sure if the hardware prevents this, but I have experience using the Torque app where by simply launching the app, it will automatically connect to the last paired device. No connecting or disconnecting required. Would be nice if a future Hondata mobile release could do this as well.

Second, I'm fairly certain, this next issue has something to do with KProV4. On rare occasions, I cannot connect the app following the steps above. Restarting my phone when this happens, doesn't work either. What I have done to get it working again is to upload a calibration with the bluetooth disabled, then upload again with it enabled. Every time, this fixes it. Pretty sure that I've also gotten it working again by leaving the ignition off for a few minutes.

Once the app is connected, the only thing that I've seen that just doesn't work is the knock count in display window. If I go to the sensor list, I do see the correct number. Then there are other smaller things like the gauge dials not switching from the default range when changing lambda and pressure units. It would be useful to be able to define ranges for gauges and to be able to have access to all sensors in the sensor list as a gauge or value display. Similar to KManager's display.

Thanks in advance
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