IAT Fuel compensation

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IAT Fuel compensation

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I have a problem that my fine tuned WOT in hot conditions (day on dyno) behaved lean on night after that because it was colder 10-20 degrees C.
I was leaner sometimes for whole AFR number (from 11.2 to 12.2). I tuned it again (in that colder conditions) but I figured out that I need to fix that by adding/removing fuel in IAT compensation table.

In my base map, and also your forced induction base map, this is 0 everywhere:

How this should be done? Is 0 normal or every car should have this table tuned?
What are relative numbers (in percents) I should have in mind?

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Re: IAT Fuel compensation

Post by Hondata »

Those table values are what Honda decided to use. Add fuel at lower temperatures for all load ranges, and see what works.
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