Launch Table Issue

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Launch Table Issue

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Hi all,

experiencing a strange issue regarding launching with the hondata traction control and Kpro.

First, a little detail about the car
360 WHP K20 CRX with rotrex supercharger, the car is set up for SCCA solo and prosolo competition. It is on Hoosier A7 tires, and the stiff sidewalls combined with our suspension setup is pretty awful getting off the line.

While the traction control works wonderfully on course, we are having as issue getting it to work from the tree at prosolo. In our test-n-tune session, we managed to play with the launch table to get our 60' times down to 2.15 with some good 200's to back it up, which is a marked improvement over our typical 2.23 or higher 60's before using the traction control and launch table. Launch RPM was 3200, and the compensation table started at around a 15mph wheelspin difference F/R, decreasing until 30 mph in the last cell of the table where the driven and undriven wheels were set to be the same. We had 1 more practice start, and feeling we were bogging a bit still off the line, we raised launch RPM to 3500 in the kpro. The result was a big smoky burnout down to 200'.

We reverted to the old file with 3200 launch RPM, but during competition throughout the weekend, it continued to behave as if there was no launch table at all, and without pedaling the car it would blow the tires off.

Are we missing something? Doing something stupid? It seemed we had it working and suddenly it did not. Traction control still functioned fine outside of the launch control, and no other variables were changed. Any input would be appreciated.

Here is a video from the recent event for example, you can especially hear the tires spinning up to redline on the first run, right around 60'.
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Re: Launch Table Issue

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Without the calibration and datalogs showing this it is hard to speculate.
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