Cause of coil pack to get hot?

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Cause of coil pack to get hot?

Post by Hndelsol26 »

Car and engine is:

94 civic SI
B18b1 crank
Wiseco pistons 8.6:1
Skunk 2 rods
Stock head
ARP head studs
Edelbrock intake manifold
70mm blox throttle body
4bar ktune map sensor
Rc 1000cc injectors
Hondata cpr kit
Denso 673-2301 coil packs
Hondata S300 v3
eBay gt3582 turbo
Rywire engine harness
Ngk 9 spark plugs

So I recently have a misfire and I was trying to diagnose the issue and before the misfire, the car had a bad injector and I replaced them.

At first it was hard to start. After I got it to start, it seemed to idle fine and then about a minute later, it started to sound like it was down a cylinder and sounds like a Subaru. Then about 5 minutes of idling, I just so happen to touch the coil pack to see if they were in tight and only cylinder 4 coil pack was hot. The rest of the coils were not hot.

So I’m not trying to get answers for my misfire, just wondering what would cause a coil pack to be hot? Or is this normal?
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Re: Cause of coil pack to get hot?

Post by Spunkster »

Based on your other post you have had a wiring problem and it has damaged the CPR box.

Send and email to support <at> with the following and I will issue an RMA and give you further

Description of problem:

include a link to this thread.
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