Coil on plug issue

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Coil on plug issue

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I recently installed a hondata cpr kit on my car. I’m having an issue where it starts to stutter if I go from full throttle when shifting into the next gear. It only happens when shifting into the next gear on full throttle. It only happens in the mid range and then clears up. I have checked the spark plugs and they aren’t blowing out. I started having this issue since installing the kit.after having the issue I’ve tried another p28 ecu, new distributor, changing spark plug gap only down to .020. Tuned by a reputable shop. They couldn’t prevent the misfire.

Info on the car
S300 v3
Jumper harness to obd2 distributor
Coil on plug from Hondata
Wired cpr box to jumper harness as obd1.
Wired ob2 style for distributor
Ground on thermostat
Built head
Srp Pistons
Eagle rods
Pro1 cam
No vacuum leaks
2150 fic injectors
No iacv
Precision 5858

I did noticed that on the instructions it says in one area to wire the icm to a21 and then in another section it says to wire it to a22. They both are for the icm. There was a wire in one and the other was open. I pinned the cpr kit to the pin that had the icm wire. Not sure what else to do any help would be appreciated. The only thing else I can think of is putting the cpr kit icm wire to the other pin out.

My question is. Do I need both icm wires connected to the ecu ?
There was a stock icm wire that I de pinned for the cop icm wire. I’m not sure if I should have left the existing icm wire and pinned into the open icm port (a22) any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Coil on plug issue

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A21 and A22 are the same thing and if you check them with a multi meter will have continuity to each other. Older Hondas actually had 2 wires connected to them from the factory as a redundancy.
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