2015 civic si hondata tune

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Re: 2015 civic si hondata tune

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Yeah it looks pretty good. I've gone in and blended out the cam angle mapping. Vtec looks to be happy at 4300. Take this one for a spin and see what you think. Make the same type of datalog and driving stye, but feel free to have some extra fun with it.
Jkruse1.SD.Rev08 (Blended)(Vtec4300).fpcal
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Re: 2015 civic si hondata tune

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Jkruse1 wrote: Sat Jun 04, 2022 3:18 pm Yea still 87 was running most of it out before I went to fill up, 92 should work? That’s what I have available around me
All Si trims recommend that you use premium fuel 91 octane or above. Its stated right inside the gas door when you open it

Your in good hands though
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