2013 civic si tune question

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Re: 2013 civic si tune question

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Just a little update/bump everything is sealed up now and good to go. Downpipe is breaking in hiss is down slightly. I was looking at the options in flashpro and i see theres just a check box for rev hang. Is it really that simple? Also is vtec more vehicle specific or is there a good spot for it in general besides stock rpm crossover.

Low cam is low rpms and high cam is vtec cams correct? So if my fuel is rich at 5krpm but not wot that would be low cam still? How do you know how much fuel to trim safely just minus a % here and there and check?

Still learning trying to read up everything but it seems alot of this is forbidden knowledge behind lots of paywalls to learn general tuning info. 90% of youtube videos is pop and bang tunes which is just cutting timing on decel. Nothing about calibrations and afrs.
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