OBD1 Capacitor Upgrade Kit Available

All OBD1 ECUs are now 20-23 years old. Although we may think that circuit boards will last forever, it's not the case for certain components. The electrolytic capacitors in the ECU have a limited life and when they fail, they often burst, leaking corrosive fluid and burning the circuit board.

Hondata is now offering a reliability upgrade where we will install 8 high quality replacement capacitors to protect your ECU. We think it's a great investment to protect and extend the life of your OBD1 ECU. Go to our Accessories section to order today!

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Now accepting orders for the 2013-2015 Accord FlashPro 4 cylinder and V6

  • VCM disable (V6)
  • Large injector support (V6 only)
  • Turbo and supercharger tuning
  • Hondata Mobile