Hondata KPro4 Upgrade

You must send the following items to Hondata:

ECU with K-Pro (key and immobilizer are not needed, ECU and K-Pro must be in working order)
Cashier's Check or Money Order (no personal checks)
A signed copy of this form

All ECUs will be returned FedEx overnight.


City & State

Update & Cost (add $50 for international shipping)

Type of modification K-Pro 4 upgrade from existing K-Pro ($300)

Type of ECU

K-Pro Serial Number
(found under 'Online->Information' or on the daughter board inside the ECU) (K-Pro's without serial numbers will be returned automatically)
ECU Part Number
(located on the ECU bar code eg '37820-PRB-A01')
ECU Serial Number
(located on the ECU bar code underneath the code above) (ECUs without serial numbers will be returned automatically)

Buyer releases Hondata, Inc. from any liabilities (expressed or implied, arising by law or otherwise) that may occur from the use of products sold by Hondata, Inc. and purchased by Buyer. These products are being sold for "Off Road/Competition Use" only and may be used only on vehicles used solely for "Off Road/Competition". No other applications are intended or implied. The Buyer of this product acknowledges and agrees that Seller disclaims any warranty and expressly disclaims any liability for personal injury or damages or any damages to vehicle or expensed occurred. In the event a manufacturer’s warranty exists, it is agreed and stated that under no circumstances shall the seller or manufacture be liable for any labor charged or travel time incurred in diagnosis for defects, removal, or reinstallation of this product, or any contingent expenses.  Exceeding the factory rev cut rpm may cause engine damage, which may not be covered by any factory warranty.

Please sign and date below to acknowledge that you have been made aware of the fact that the product that you are purchasing may void your vehicle’s factory warranty and you have been advised that this product is not EPA/CARB certified and the product is for "off Road/Competition Use" only. The Buyer will not hold any liability against Hondata, Inc. and will hold Hondata, Inc. harmless from any liability as a result of selling, purchasing and/or installing product.


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