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    Sehablaauction Warning

    • Jan 24 2015

    For the protection of our customers, please do not buy Hondata products from Daniel Sanchez, Austin Texas. Also known as:

    • Sehablaauction
    • PrecisionProposition
    • O'Rich Smith
    • Francisco Lopez
    • hybridcores@aol.com

    Daniel Sanchez:

    • Is not a Hondata dealer.
    • Has sold counterfeit products in the past.
    • Issues false statements about Hondata.
    • Lies to the customer about the status of the order & Hondata communication.
    • Has submitted ECUs to Hondata with false/forged paperwork.
    • Has sent empty boxes to Hondata to show the customer he has shipped something to Hondata.

    Here is an example of the instructions issued to a customer for a KPro:

    Precision Online
    Attn: Daniel
    10806A Topperwein Dr
    Austin TX 78758

    You don't need to fill anything out, just sign and print. The VIN is optional, and would be the VIN of the car where the K-Pro is going.

    Hondata does not take copies, printouts, or faxes; it must be an original signature/form. Once I get your form in the mail, I attach that to the ECU I have here, and I send it out to Hondata. Once Hondata completes the work, Hondata then ships your K-Pro'ed ECU directly to you.

    The process from when I get your form to when you receive the K-Pro has at times taken up to 3 weeks due to Hondata being backed up. Unfortunately, Hondata does not give any warning for such occurances. At times it takes as little as 3 business days (1-days shipping to them, 1 day with them, 1-2-day shipping to you), although currently it's been taking about 3 weeks, and thus I just want to inform you of the timeframe that has been occuring as of lately and worse case scenario. If everything goes smoothly, and Hondata is caught up with orders, it could be just 1 week from when I receive your form; although there is always the possibility that it will be 3 weeks from when I receive your form.

    Do not call Hondata for any reason, they do not accept calls from the public. Hondata does not provide a tracking number for the shipment back to you, please do not call them asking for one. Hondata will ship your ECU unK-Pro'ed should a call be made to them, and will leave us a nasty email/lecture, please help avoid such problems. In agreement of these terms, please print this email, sign it at the bottom, and send it in with your attached form.

    Give me a call if you have any questions. If for any reason you would rather not take chances that Hondata may be backed up, or are not comfortable with the requirements, just let me know, and we can cancel no questions asked.

    Thank you,

    The above message is not true in at least these areas:

    • It does not take us three weeks to prepare a KPro.  Almost all ship the day after we receive the ECU. 
    • We are not 'backed up' for KPros.
    • We do tell our dealers if we are out of stock or there are delays.
    • Hondata will provide tracking numbers
    • Hondata does accept phone calls from customers.  Our hours are 9-4 PST weekdays.
    • If a customer calls us, we do not abandon their ECU work and leave a 'nasty email/lecture'.

    The instructions are designed to prevent the customer from contacting Hondata and finding out what is really going on.

    Be aware the eBay can (and will) remove negative feedback and reviews under their feedback guidelines.

    Additionally, Hondata is not being sued by eBay. Claims as such as false.

    Here's an example of Daniel selling two ECUs on eBay and then shipping Hondata an empty box to show the auction winner that Hondata has the ECUs.

    Note the shipping address (10806A Topperwein Dr) is Daniel's address (as per above). The USPS tracking number also show the origin of the package as Daniel's town.

    When opened the box contained half a ream of paper surrounded foam peanuts. No ECUs were inside.

    Daniel has done this so when the auction winner queries where their ECUs are he can provide a tracking number to show they were shipped to Hondata (except of course, we only received some paper and peanuts).  This also will probably prevent the auction winner from successfully claiming back any payment from eBay & Paypal.

    This looks like a scam and mail fraud. Don't get caught out.