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    Heatshield Installation Manual

    Heatshield installation manual

    Repairs & Return Form

    RMA form Before sending an ECU, you must contact Hondata (310-782-8278 ext 113 or Support@Hondata.com). Once all trouble shooting is exhausted, an RMA number will be given.

    S300 Forms

    OBD1 ECU Socketing form For OBD1 ECUs sent to Hondata for first time S300 socketing.

    s300 Upgrade form Upgrade a staged system or an s100/s200 to a new s300 v3.

    s300 V3 Upgrade form Upgrade a s300 v1 or v2 to a s300 v3.

    s300 Counterfeit Upgrade form  Replace a counterfeit s300 with a genuine s300.

    K-Pro Forms

    K-Pro ECU Install form For ECUs sent to Hondata for K-Pro installation.

    K-Pro V4 Upgrade form Upgrade a KPro v1, v2 or v3 to the KPro v4.

    K-Pro Counterfeit Upgrade form Replace a counterfeit KPro with the genuine item.

    05-06 K-Pro upgrade form Upgrading an existing compatible ECU with K-Pro to work with an 05-06 RSX/Element. 

    FlashPro Forms

    FlashProMini/Bluetooth Upgrade Upgrade from a FlashPro to a FlashProMini with Bluetooth.

    Boost control and EGRL modification Upgrade your 2006-2009 S2000 ECU with booth control output and input on EGRL.

    USA & Canada Jailbreak form for FL5 2023 Civic Type R ECU 37820-66V-A03 & 2023 Integra Type S ECU 37820-6PV-A03.

    International Jailbreak form for FL5 (2023 Civic Type R) ECU (37820-66V-J03 and 37820-66V-K13).

    Reflash Form

    ECU Reflash form For ECUs sent to Hondata for reflashing.

    Other Downloads

    CAN templates for MoTeC dashes.

    Hondata Bluetooth Protocol