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    Heatshield Installation Manual

    Heatshield installation manual

    Repairs & Return Form

    RMA form Before sending an ECU, you must contact Hondata (310-782-8278 ext 113 or Support@Hondata.com). Once all trouble shooting is exhausted, an RMA number will be given.

    S300 Forms

    OBD1 ECU Socketing form For OBD1 ECUs sent to Hondata for socketing.

    s300 Upgrade form Upgrade a staged system or an s100/s200 to a new s300 v3.

    s300 V3 Upgrade form Upgrade a s300 v1 or v2 to a s300 v3.

    s300 Counterfeit Upgrade form  Replace a counterfeit s300 with a genuine s300.

    K-Pro Forms

    K-Pro ECU Install form For ECUs sent to Hondata for K-Pro installation.

    K-Pro V4 Upgrade form Upgrade a KPro v1, v2 or v3 to the KPro v4.

    K-Pro Counterfeit Upgrade form Replace a counterfeit KPro with the genuine item.

    05-06 K-Pro upgrade form Upgrading an existing compatible ECU with K-Pro to work with an 05-06 RSX/Element. 

    FlashPro Forms

    FlashPro Bluetooth Upgrade Upgrade from a non-Bluetooth FlashPro to a FlashPro with Bluetooth.

    Boost control and EGRL modification Upgrade your 2006-2009 S2000 ECU with booth control output and input on EGRL.

    USA & Canada Jailbreak form for FL5 (2023 Civic Type R) ECU (37820-66V-A03).

    International Jailbreak form for FL5 (2023 Civic Type R) ECU (37820-66V-J03 and 37820-66V-K13).

    Reflash Form

    ECU Reflash form For ECUs sent to Hondata for reflashing.

    Other Downloads

    CAN templates for MoTeC dashes.

    Hondata Bluetooth Protocol