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    International FK8 Civic Type R FlashPro now available

    • Mar 16 2018
    FlashPro for the International FK8 Civic Type R is now available. Support has been added for the FK8 Civic Type R in the following countries:
    - Japan
    - Australia
    - Europe
    - Americas

    Add the most excitement possible to your FK8 Civic Type Type R today with the Hondata Civic Type R FlashPro - the choice of champions. Tuned to run extremely smoothly in addition to substantial torque and power gains. Stop press - Just added. Our best tune yet dialed in with 100 octane. Bump your power output by 73 hp and torque by 87 lb-ft. To use a FlashPro on the FK8 2017+ Civic Type R your ECU needs to be sent to Hondata for jailbreaking to allow OBDII programming. After receiving your ECU Hondata will jailbreak the ECU and return within 48 hours it is returned to the owner fully functional.

    An optional ECU cloning service is also available where your stock ECU (US market only) is left unmodified, but the data is cloned to either a new jailbroken ECU or a new ECU that you supply.

    Hondata also offers the ability to remote clone your stock ECU (US market only) so that you do not need to send in your ECU.

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