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    KPro D17

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    2001-2005 D17 Civic DX, LX, HX & EX Manual transmission only (US vehicles only)

    The K-Pro for the D17 consists of a hardware modification to a donor K-Series ECU, a specially modified cam timing wheel, plus Windows software which allows you to re-program the ECU and datalog sensors.

    To order, fill out this form and contact a Hondata dealer. Turn around time is usually 2 days from the time the ECU is received by Hondata.


    Within the USA this product is legal only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a public highway.

    Application Notes

    • The stock D17 ECU cannot be converted to a programmable ECU. A new RSX-S ECU or donor ECU must be used.
    • The Hondata adjustable cam pulley has specially modified timing teeth. The stock timing wheel will not work.
    • The Civic HX and all 2004-2005 Civics use a wideband 02 sensor compatible with the K-Pro.
    • Base maps are included for a stock D17 non VTEC Civic and a D17 non VTEC turbo.
    • The K-Pro ECU will not work on automatic D17 Civics.
    • Any K-Pro used on a 2002-2004 RSX-S will work provided the Hondata cam gear is used.

    Donor ECUs

    ECUs for the D17 may be sourced from the following vehicles

    • 2002-2004 RSX Base 5 speed (PND -A0 ECU)
    • 2002-2004 RSX Type S 6 speed  (PRB-A0 - ECU)
    • 2002-2004 CRV 5 speed (PPA-A0 ECU)
    • 2002-2005 Japanese DC5 Integra Type R (PRC ECU)
    • 2003-2005 Japanese Civic Type R (PRD ECU)
    • 2002-2005 Civic Si (PNF ECU)

    General Notes

    • All 2004-2005 Civics and the 2001-2003 Civic HX use a compatible wideband 02 sensor. Two wires need to be moved for rear O2 operation.
    • The 2001-2003 Civic DX, LX & EX Civics use a narrowband 02 sensor. Two wires need to be moved for closed loop operation.
    • If you plan a K engine swap, install the appropriate engine harness and switch on VTC in the KManager software.
    • Tables may be map-traced in real time.
    • The K-Pro ECU is not real-time updateable, however most changes to tables and settings can be uploaded in 1-2 seconds via USB.
    • Most OBDII features may be disabled for race vehicles.
    • The D17 knock sensor is incompatible with the K-Pro and must be disabled in the KManager software.
    • Error codes and the OBDII readiness status may be datalogged.
    • The K-Pro ECU can be matched to the Civic immobilizer system. See here for details.
    • For training materials see here.


    • The adjustable cam pulley is shaped differently than stock. You will need to remove the power steering pump and alternator and loosen the engine mount.
    • Removing the stock ECU is fairly involved. There are three choices for the K-Pro installation:
    1. The K-Pro can be installed in the location of the stock ECU.
    2. The K-Pro circuitry can be installed into the Civic's stock ECU case. You will need to cut a USB hole.
    3. The K-Pro ECU can be installed in the glove compartment. You may need to cut the rear plastic.

    2004-2005 DX/LX/EX & 2001-2005 HX installation

    For the Civics that use a wideband sensor you need to move two wires to activate the rear O2 sensor. If you have OBD 2 disabled and do not need to use the secondary O2 then it is not necessary to move the wires.


    2001-2003 DX/LX/EX installation

    These Civics have a narrowband O2 sensor. The donor US ECUs (see above) are designed to run by default with a wideband front O2 sensor. So we use a European PRA calibration, which is designed to run with a front and rear narrowband O2 sensor, feed the voltage from the Civic's front O2 sensor into the K-Pro's rear O2 sensor input, and alter the K-Manager software to run closed loop from the secondary O2 input. In this situation OBD II must be disabled.




    K-Pro Certified Installer List- Who are the approved dealers?

    ( listed alphabetically by state/country )




    • Locash Racing
    • Tavos Tuning LLC (email: tavomarquez1385@gmail.com)


    • Genesis Automotive Group LLC (email: genesisautomotive@hotmail.com)
    • Honda & Acura Solutions and Sounds, LLC (email: hondaacurasolutionsandsound@yahoo.com)
    • iShorty-Tech Engineering, LLC.
    • Pons Auto Service (email: ponsautoservice@live.com)
    • Proclass Performance (email: proclass@comcast.net)





    • PSI Import Tuning (email: psituning@yahoo.com)


    New Jersey

    • Top Secret Import Tuning (email: vtecdoctors@gmail.com)
    • Tri-State Performance LLC
    • Tutomo Racing, LLC (email: tutomoracing@gmail.com)
    • Wired Electronics (email: wirednj@yahoo.com)

    New York





    • Rolo's Garage (email: rolotellado@gmail.com)

    South Carolina

    • Honda Medics of Charleston LLC (email: hondamedics@gmail.com)










    Costa Rica

    Czech Republic




    Hong Kong





    • ProviCar S.A. (email: provicar1@hotmail.com)

    Puerto Rico


    • R2Racing (email: r2r.order@gmail.com)


    South Africa

    • AJ Racing (email: ajcossie@hotmail.com)
    • Formula R Motorsport (email: chris@civictype-r.co.za)



    • Origin3 Performance / AAI Motor Sports (email: service@aai-racing.com.tw)

    United Kingdom


    Check back here for updates or inquire with your closest dealer.


    EPA/CARB status (USA) Competition vehicles only
    Part Number PRB (A01-A12 & 305) PND (A01-A09) PNF PRA PRC PRD PPA (A0#, A5#) PPL (A0#, A5#)
    • Fits inside the ECU
    • Designed and assembled in USA
    • USB connection for speed and compatibility
    • KManager Windows based software for parameter & table editing, calibration uploading and datalogging.
    • Many built in calibrations for common engine combinations
    • Built in datalogging to a laptop
    • On board datalogging memory (8 MB memory, 10-215 minutes datalogging)
    • Adjustment for different sized injectors, with overall fuel trim.
    • Configurable for any MAP sensor (to 5 Bar and above)
    • TPS based table lookup for ITBs
    • Engine protection from lean air fuel ratios, over boost and low oil/fuel pressure.
    • Expanded fuel and ignition tables, both in rpm and load, to 60 lbs boost and 11,000 rpm (these are not the upper limits)
    • Launch control with anti-lag
    • Three multi purpose outputs for nitrous control or similar.
    • Supports lambda tracing from the stock wideband o2 or aftermarket wideband.
    • PWM output for boost control
    • Bluetooth support and Hondata Mobile app.
    • Ethanol sensor input for flex fuel capability.
    • Alternate speed sensor input.
    • Dash output serial & CAN streams.
    • Live tuning and auto tune.

    KManager editing software features:

    • High and low speed 16 x 20 ignition and fuel tables at multiple cam angles for correct VTEC and VTC tuning.
    • Injector size fuel trim
    • Fuel trim for starting, throttle tip in and individual cylinder trim
    • Rev limiter with fuel cut
    • Launch control with anti-lag
    • Adjustable VTEC window with load and throttle control
    • Adjustable idle speed
    • MAP sensor type and calibration
    • Adjustable boost cut with hot and cold settings
    • Closed loop control
    • Air temperature compensation
    • Fuel and ignition correction based on gear
    • Closed loop
    • Three general purpose outputs for nitrous control, quad boost control or similar
    • On board datalogging trigger conditions

    THE VERDICT: Hondata K-pro is the sh_t!! Ever since I got my RSX, I never seemed to bond with the car like I did with my Old civic Si... I tried putting bolt ons, making it look pretty, a turbo kit and nothing seemed to helped it.... but the I added K-Pro.. and its a different story. The car feels and pulls sooooo strong its unbelievable. I raced my friend with a turbo prelude, port and polish, higher boost etc, and i can literally say that I left him like he was standing still! Before Hondata we were pretty much dead even all the way to 100. Yesterday, I gave him a 2 second lead and I railed him in soooo fast that I thought that he had either let off or slightly tapped the brake... needless to say, it made me fall in love with my car again!!

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