• SManager

    SManager is Windows software for use with the s300.

    SManager allows you to

    • Load, save and edit ECU calibrations
    • re-program your ECU
    • View ECU information in real time
    • Record & playback datalogs from your ECU

    • Laptop or desktop
    • 32 or 64 bit Vista, 7, 8, 10, 11
    • USB 2.0 port
    • Internet Access
    * The software will not run on computers using ARM-based processors are not supported ('Windows on ARM'), including ARM based Macs using Parallels.

    Main features

    • Table and parameter editing
    • Datalog recording, playback & review
    • Configurable display window with gauges, buttons and indicators
    • Check and clear error codes
    • Extensive built in context sensitive help system


    • 25+ built in calibrations for common engine combinations
    • Hondata Vault for cloud storage of calibrations and datalogs


    • Datalog directly from the s300 using a laptop or from on board datalogging memory on the s300
    • Recording & playback datalogs
    • Graph & analyze datalog engine sensors

    Parameter Editing

    • Real time sensor display & table tracing
    • Table editing with sensor overlays

    S300 / SManager Help

    Download SManager software here