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    Traction Control for your s300, KPro or FlashPro. Hondata Traction Control works by monitoring the ABS wheel speed sensors and reducing engine output when excessive wheel-spin is detected.  A dash mountable switch allows the selection of different target slip rates, and software allows the system to be tuned for your specific vehicle setup.


    ECU / EMS


       S300 (v1, v2 or v3)

       All ECUs / Models

       KPro (v1, v2, v3, or v4)

       PRB & PRA ECUs including 2000-2005 S2000


       2006-2011 Civic Si, 2012+ Civic Si, 2013+ ILX, 2006+ Euro Civic Type R
       2006+ S2000, 07-08 TSX and 09-10 TSX, 07-08 TL  


    Sales Region Unrestricted

    How does it work?
    Simply put, the Traction Control commands the ECU to reduce power when the driven wheels are going faster than the un-driven wheels.  On-the-fly adjustment of the target slip rate can be performed using a dash mounted switch.

    Will this work on my vehicle?
    If you have ABS, then the ABS sensors can be utilized.  If your vehicle does not have ABS but is a model which supports ABS, then only the wheel speed sensors need to be installed.  If you don't have ABS and no factory vehicle wheel speed sensors, then you will need to add your own ABS wheel speed sensors.

    Is this only for race cars?
    No, it works very well on street cars.

    Is this better than using a vehicle speed sensor for driveshaft rotation speed?
    Yes. The ABS ring typically gives 50 pulses per wheel revolution. The vehicle speed sensor on an 02 Acura RSX for example gives around 4 pulses per wheel revolution, which reduces the accuracy of your speed determination. In addition, the VSS cannot be used to determine if the car is cornering.

    Can you change tire sizes?
    Yes, setting up for different sized tires is very easy.

    Will this work on both front and rear wheel drive vehicles?
    Yes, the principle behind the wheel slip calculation is exactly the same for front and rear wheel drive.

    Does the Traction Control affect the ABS operation?
    The Traction Control module has high impedance capacitively coupled wheel speed inputs which do not alter the signal to the ABS computer. However, if the ABS error light illuminates, or the ABS operation changes in any way, the vehicle should not be driven until the issue is identified and fixed.

    Do I need an ABS computer, or just the wheel speed sensors?
    Only the wheel speed sensors.

    Do I need four wheel speed sensors?
    Traction control will work with just one front and one rear speed sensor, but cornering slip compensation cannot be calculated unless you have two sensors on the un-driven wheels.

    Will hall effect sensors work?
    Yes, tie the negative side of the wheel speed sensor input to ground.

    My car lifts one rear (FWD) / front (RWD) wheel off the ground when cornering. Will the traction control cope with this?
    Yes, just set the speed determination method of that axle to 'fastest wheel'.

    Brian Gillespie HASportOn the El Mirage dry lake bed, Hondata Traction control allowed me to control 500 HP through 4" tires improving my 1/4 mile by 1.3 seconds and speed at distance by 3-6 mph."  

    CPL Racing: "After installation of Hondata's new traction control in my 2007 Civic Type R FN2 my 0-60 times improved by 1.5 secs.

    Diogo Oliveira, 2007 Civic Si, Sao Paulo Brazil: "My dry lap times improved by two seconds and my wet lap times by 4 seconds". 

    Vortech S2000 Tuned by VitViper with traction control on and off:



    Youtube video from BlackSi - Turbo 07 Si.


    DSPORT Magazine breaks it down here

    Vitviper (8th Civic): "When I say that the Hondata Traction Control system is awesome, I do not say it lightly.

    I have a high HP turbocharged 2008 Honda Civic Si running FlashPro with a built motor and PPG geared transmission with a 64mm Comp Turbo turbocharger. When we initially broke it in on 91 octane it made 560whp at 13psi of boost pressure, and has since been retuned on E85 running as much a 26psi making somewhere in the realm of 700-750whp.

    Now this is mainly a street car with occasional quarter mile track visits – a full interior OEM looking vehicle with nothing that makes it stand out as anything but a typical Honda Civic other than the open wastegate dump and exploding tire smoke when I go full throttle. To say getting the car “manageable” for street driving was an understatement. In attempts to get it manageable I put a 3psi WG spring in and dialed the car in using the Hondata Boost Control system that comes with the FlashPro engine management software to limit boost in early gears for traction.

    This got me very close to a manageable high HP front wheel drive street car – but it was still wanting. Boost settings that work great when it’s 80 degrees out and the sticky summer tires are warm don’t necessarily work in cooler temperatures, or worse – rough road. Still not quite what I wanted – which was a fast and fun street car. Sure I got close with boost by gear – but it was still a handful to control the car.

    Enter the Hondata Traction Control system – this is exactly what was missing. A robust system with an intuitive interface to manage wheel spin using the OEM wheel speed sensors that come on the vehicle. Installation was simple and clean. One weekend dialing in the settings for the new system and it filled in all the gaps that boost by gear could never fill in on its own. The car was now an absolute blast to drive – no more “hang on and hope it doesn’t kill you”, but more so “hang on and enjoy the ride”. I could turn out and floor it in 1st gear and the car just GOES. As boost increases and power increases to the traction limit managed by the Hondata Traction Control unit the car just goes faster and faster with every gear shift. It’s simply amazing.  I’ve had multiple passengers that have ridden along with me, and their statements always bring a grin to my face: “OMG OMG!” “WOW!” “What?? I just expected wheel spin with this much power!” I liked the product so much I installed a second unit in my turbo 400hp Acura Integra."




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    KPro 05-06 RSX

    KPro 05-06 RSX

    This is a Hondata modified 2002-2004 RSX ECU and an adapter harness for the 05-06 RSX Hondata makes hardware modifications to the 2002-2004 ECU enable it to work with the different sensors and actuators found on the 2005-2006 ECU. After these modifications the ECU will not function correctly on a 2002-2004 RSX. Hondata only sells adapter harness with the modified ECU. An unmodified 02-04 ECU with adapter harness (with or without KPro) will not work on a 05-06 RSX without the internal ECU modifications performed by Hondata. Warning Within USA this product is legal only for racing vehicles which may never be used upon a highway. Pricing    Price    Description  $300 - California   $310 - Out of State  $320 - Canada/Puerto Rico     Upgrade an already K-Pro'd ecu for use in an 05-06 RSX (includes adapter harness and ECU modification)  $1070    K-Pro for 2005-2006 RSX includes adapter harness (user supplied 02-04 ECU)     Compatibility The 05-06 K-Pro is only certified to work in an 05/06 RSX. Engine swaps using an 05-06 RSX engine and gearbox into another chassis are not supported with the 05/06 K-Pro and adapter harness. The correct method is here: Hyperlink to: http://hondata.com/techk20transmissions.html Application Notes An primary oxygen sensor from the 02-04 RSX or 02-05 Civic Si must be used.  The 05-06 RSX O2 sensor will not work. Some sensors must be disabled to eliminate errors generated by the ECU. The speed sensor spins about 100 times faster on the 05/06 RSX gearbox as compared to the 02-04 RSX. Above 65-70 MPH cruise control may not function smoothly and may cancel from time to time. Also see Tech - K20 Transmissions Which Donor  ECU can I use? Only the following ECUs can be used. 2002-2004 RSX Type S (PRB A03-A08, PRB-305 ECU).  Should be used for a Type S 2002-2004 RSX (Base 5 speed) (PND -A0# ECU) Should be used for a Base The stock 2005-2006 ECU part number PRB-A13 through PRB-A16 has a different microprocessor and cannot have a K-Pro installed. Adapter Harnesses These are the only harnesses that are guaranteed to work with the 05/06 K-Pro. These adapter harnesses are sold only with an 05-06 RSX-K-Pro. Identification:  - Blue Wire  - Sticker stating 05/06 Adapter (some adapters may not have stickers)  - Three white plugs or  - Two white plugs and a grey plug (from about June 2007) If you are are having problems you may have a counterfeit adapter harness.  To verify if you have a genuine adapter harness, contact Hondata with the serial number of your K-Pro. Tuning the 05-06 RSX The 05 ECU was replaced with a jumper harness and 04 ECU with K-Pro and then tuned. In the example below the 05 RSX was equipped with a cold air intake. The only change was from stock ECU (yellow line) to K-Pro + tuning (blue line). Points of interest VTEC was set at 4600 rpm 18 ft pounds torque gain at 2000 rpm 15 ft pounds gain at 5800 rpm and at 8000 rpm 16 hp peak gain, but 20 hp gain at 5800 and 8000 rpm Comments: This engine responds better to tuning than the K20A2, probably due to the better cams and the fact that the stock ECU runs so rich at the top end. A race header, with tuning will provide a significant increase in the mid range and top end torque. Cams We have cross referenced the 05 RSX intake and exhaust camshaft part numbers with those available for Japanese ITR. The Japanese part numbers for the ITR intake cams are: 14110-PRC-000 14110-PRC-010 14110-PRC-020 This is because there have been three revisions of the engine. The US part numbers for the 05 cams are: 14110-PRC-030 (intake) 14120-PRC-030 (exhaust) It is therefore our assumption that the cams in the 05 RSX are the Japanese ITR cams, which have the same lift but more duration than the PRB cams. (The 02-04 intake cam part number is: 14110-PRB-020 )