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Updated Dec 2022
There will be limited phone support between the hours of 9AM-3PM PST Monday through Friday. Contact to obtain an RMA and instructions before sending anything. We are accepting S300s, K-Pros and Reflashes for installs and upgrades. Turnaround time for S300s, RMAs and Reflashes are 1-2 weeks. Turnaround time for K-Pros is 3-4 weeks. Please do not contact us asking if we have received your ECU, instead check your tracking number. If it shows delivered, we have it.
Online orders are still being processed, but may take up to a week to ship. All online order cut-off times will be 1:00pm PST.
FedEx has suspended their Money-Back-Guarantee until further notice for most freight methods, due to the increase in U.S. e-commerce, weather delays and/or other effects of the pandemic throughout the world.
 Hondata 2023 Honda Civic Type R Dyno Results
2023 Civic Type R Horsepower & Torque Dyno Results - Hondata 11th Gen Civic Type R - 327 HP & 359 TRQ
Due to ongoing supply chain issues 05-06 Adapter harnesses are out of stock until late November. If an ECU is sent in for upgrade or a new installation, we will hold it here until they are back in stock...